Arimon’s House skylight’s restoration

The house Joaquim Arimón of Sabadell is a nineteenth century mansion renovated by architect Josep Renom in 1911.

This restoration was done in our workshop between 2004 and 2005.
In the following galleries you can see a tour of the restoration process.

Dismantling the panels of the skylight structure for its restoration. There were missing four large panels of the base.
Sketch and previous studies.
Development and pattern.
Cutting the glass panels for the four new pieces and the broken or missing originals.
Painting and baking of some glasses.
Construction of trusses, one concave and the other convex, to give shape to the panels.
Curvature of the panels with the aid of the truss.
Putty and sanding.
Repair of reinforcements.
Gilding the lead.
Restoration of panel atop the vault.
Restoration of one of the panels of the upper strip of the skylight
Attaching all the restored original panels and the four new ones of the lower strip.
Restored skylight.

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