During the visits to our workshop, we invite visitors to a journey into the world of stained glass windows, the magic of light and colour, glass and its secrets, art and history; to sum up, into the world of craft. It is a journey that allows people to feel its sounds and beatings, to experience creativity and to follow the development of the work until it is completed.

Furthermore, and in order to fully discover this age-old craft, we will visit some buildings that have interesting stained glass works. It is a craft in which man has left us one of his more gratifying footprints: the union of beauty and heritage, as well as the use of symbolism as a universal language.

We organise visits to our workshop with the aim to make stained glass (craft, history and a tour around emblematic buildings) known. We offer these visits to schools, extension courses, tourist guides, cultural tourism, Fine Arts and vocational training students, etc.

To get more information ot to arrange a visit, please contact us here.

Sabadell's central market

School visit to the workshop