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Confecció d’un vitrall9:11s

In this video we see, in a direct and dinamic way, the make up of a stained-glass work. From the beginning, with the project and the design, to it’s definitive installation.

The teaching is complemented well with a rhythmic and entertaining approach to the development .

Fem un vitrall, in 3 minutes2:57s

Here you can see the “Fem un vitrall” video condensed in 3 minutes.

Other videos of interest

Glasshütte Lamberts3:41s

Video showing the manufacture of flat glass by the method of blown glass. Made up by Glashütte Lamberts

Nostra Llar Interview7:18s

This video was made by the students of the school Nostra Llar from Sabadell. With other two projects they won the special mention “Mobile History Map: Millor testimoni oral”
Project “Oficis del segle XX” de m’Schools.

Fem un vitrall13:59s

The step by step monitoring and visualization of the tools and materials used at the time are basic to have a good understanding of the process of making stained glass.

Music: Esteve Sabater

Entrevista a Xiptv04:12s