Sant Llorenç de la Muga Church leadlights

Sant Llorenç de la Muga is located in the region of Alt Empordà (Girona).
The window of the apse of the nave was completed in 1993 and all other openings in the church, both internal and external, were made in 2002.
The stained glass works were ordered by Mn. Miquel Casteis, rector of the parish.
Our workshop was in charge of design and implementation.

Skylight above the main stairs of a manor house near La Garriga

The sequence of photographs speaks of the initial study and the project, followed by the construction of the metal structure that comprises the skylight (sizes: 4.5m/4.1m).

In the workshop we see the making of one of the 68 panels of stained glass and some panels already finished.

We can also see the tables full of panels with protective glass sealed with silicone.

We finish the work with the placement of the panels to the structure and the view of the finished set.

Interpretation of painter David Graells’s work (Sabadell 1910-1992) with the stained glass’s pictoric language

Work done in May 2013 in the workshop of L’Art del Vitrall in Sabadell.

Studies of the paintings and work proposal
Pieces’ painting and baking
Leadening and soldering
Detail of stained glass and the finished set

Stained glass door with a tree

Development of a project from the original idea of the client:

Tree - Foto from the client

Fotografia del client

Tree - The Project

Our project

Tree - Finished stained glass work

Finished stained glass work.

Curs de vitralls – Illa Oberta – Febrer-Juny 2014