Palau Güell, Barcelona

Restoration of the stained glass works of the east corridor of the noble plant.
Year 2008.


Fifteen openings, with a total of 821 glasses, 14 glasses of half cane that cover the columns and 13 red tears on the top.

First phase:

-Previous studies and restoration project.
-Photos of the state of the glass, of the “mastic” and of the metallic structure.

Second phase:

-Set up the workshop at the work,
-research of the glasses for the restoration ( Germany, Italy, United States, China and Spain),
-cut of the absent glass, unsuitable or very damaged originals,
-take out very carefully all the old “mastic”,
-place the new pieces of glass,
-do with new “mastic” the inner and outside cords,
-in depth cleaning of all the glasses.

Third phase:


Half cane glasses that cover the stone columns.
-Withdraw the glasses removing the “mastic” with extreme care.
-Reproduce the broken or non-existent glasses.
-Cleaning of these glasses.
-Protect both borders with lead bands.
-Return into place.

Fourth phase:

Thirteen red tears at the top.
-Withdraw the existent tears.
-Restore and redo the absent.
-Return into place.

Fifth phase:

Restoration finished
Several inner and external views

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